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All summer in a day
Updated: 12/29/2017
All summer in a day
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  • Margot tells the other kids what she remember the sun to be like. William becomes jealous of Margot and how she saw the sun and he didn't. He starts to make fun of her. Margot just looks out the window.
  • While the other kids were being distracted by the teacher William in the moment grabs and chasses Margot down a hallway. At the end of the hallway there was a closet. Margot not thinking ran into the closet and William right behind her locks her in. Franticly Margot pleads to be let out but William was already going back to the teacher.
  • As Margot heard Williams footsteps fade away she cried and screamed as loud she could in hopes maybe he would turn around and let her out be it was in vein. she slowly slumped down on the ground thinking of what happened. Then she saw a tiniest bit of light through a window in the closet. She realized that she wont be seeing the sun today. She curled into a ball and cried.
  • William chose not to pay attention to Margot's screams to be let free. He rushed down the hall and got to the group just in time. They were getting ready to go out. The kids and the teacher were to exited to take attendance. Even William forgot about his own crime. Then the sun peaked through the clouds for the first time in there lives and they rushed to the door.
  • The kids run outside as fast as they could running through the dry air. They climbed through the trees to see the bright world around them. They let the suns rays bake there skin casing it to turn red. They picked flowers that they never would have if it was raining. Then a rain drop got on a little girls hand just as quickly as it started it was over. At that vary moment William realized his mistake.
  • He ran to the closet to let Margot out. Thinking that there might be a chance that the sun would be out just a bit longer. When he opened the door he could no met her gaze. They walked down the building to the door that went outside. Margot opened the door and all she saw was rain everywhere just like the past seven years. William tried to cher her up by giving her the flowers he picked but, the damage had been done.
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