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Beyond Good and Evil
Updated: 12/8/2018
Beyond Good and Evil
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Storyboard Description

Media studies A2 coursework

Storyboard Text

  • Moving panning shot across the table: Gives a good shot of all the main characters, all characters stationary talking but inaudible due to non-diagetic music
  • Quick cut, stationary shot: shows the stilted movement of the killer
  • Pov shot: looks up to knife just before the stab
  • Wide shot: Light from upstairs illuminates the stairs and a flash from outside lights up the whole room for a split-second and childs is visible standing in the corner. Female character walks oblivious to him right of frame
  • Establishing shot: Using a full open area to showcase a figure in the center barely visible
  • Close up into extreme close up of knife dripping blood: highlights the detail of the knife as well as the hovering nature of the film
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