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story mountain ( puss in boots )
Updated: 9/1/2020
story mountain ( puss in boots )
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Storyboard Text

  • introduction
  • hey there lady what are you doing in these parts
  • how dare you try to take from that innocent lady
  • rising action
  • rising action
  • The main characters are Lady cat and Puss. Lady cat is walking through the thief's market .The problem is that she is very kind and all the other people are just thinking how much money are in each others pockets.
  • climax
  • Puss swoops in and fends off the theifs that were trying to steal Lady cats money.they try to fight back but Puss is to skilled he jumps on him and slashes his shirt.
  • falling action
  • As the thief runs away wining Puss is confused and has no idea where the mysterious Lady cat disappeared to, he rides away on his horse trying to remember where he last saw the Lady cat. he stops as he sees tracks in the sand
  • resolution
  • Puss follows the tracks when he ends up at a huge mountain, he hears a voice but can not make out what they are saying when gets to the top he sees a tail disappear into a portal. hes confused but trys to find the secret password and just says random stuff until he said pickle juice and it opend.
  • pickle juice???
  • Hes confused but curious so he walks in, he is amazed.Its a whole city with people shops restaurants and houses. but right smack down in the middle of the city there a huge Greek temple filled with gold and rubies. he walks in and...
  • wowsers i am rich. rich i say!
  • He walks in and sees a humungus statue with gold and jewelry around, but what caught his the most is a big ruby in-between the ears of the statue. his eyes are glued to the ruby as he walks toward it like a zombie, but one his nail touches he sees the tile under it he relises he done messed up this time.
  • the one who takes is the one who made the mistake
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