Story For Strange Times
Updated: 5/22/2020
Story For Strange Times
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  • I wish i had superpowers...
  • Kyles thoughts before the crash
  • Make a wish!
  • [Car Crashes into them]
  • When the car crashes into them
  • AHHHH!!!!!
  • How am i not hurt?
  • After the accident
  • Mum?!
  • This scene is imprtant because it explains how Kyle made a wish and it's going to come true. It should make the audience feel bad when they crash because they had had such a good night before hand.
  • THe doctors running tests
  • This scene is when the main plot point happens; they get into a car crash caused by a drunk driver. This scene is important because I've written about the strange things that happen to him whilst they crash.
  • Kyle runs into a group of bullies
  • This scene is the aftermath of the crash. It should make the audience i bit confused because of what has happened to Kyle, or rather what didn't happen. It expresses the luck that Kyle has gotten, which is a theme in my story,
  • Kyle does something to the bullies
  • This scene is explaining what has happened to Kyle and what injuries his Mother had received. It's important for the plot because it shows a contrast between his mums injuries and his lack there of, making the situation weirder.
  • Hes a medical miracle
  • Theres nothing wrong with him
  • This scene shows that people are aware of whats happened and that he is getting harrassed by some boys. It reveals that Kyle isn't very popular and that people think he's a freak.
  • Oh look who it is! Freakso!
  • Oh here we go. [eyeroll]
  • This increases the confusion and main plot point by showing that Kyle no has some supernatural ability because he has healed almost immediately and has defended himself without touching anoyone.
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