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Stone age comic book
Updated: 9/16/2020
Stone age comic book
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  • In Paleolithic Times, living in communities made it possible for people to organize themselves more efficiently. In Many areas people used mud bricks, packed together to make their houses. sometimes people would add stone and tree branches to make the walls stronger
  • In Neolithic times, houses were made out of tightly packed mud which helped keep people warm in the winter and cool in the summer! These houses were called log houses. Log houses typically only had one door.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, Paleolithic people rarely traded because they were mainly just focused on and concerned with animals, plants and other resources they found near by .
  • In the Neolithic Age, trade among settlers in the Near East and Mediterranean sea grew. One resource that was traded a lot was the black volcanic class called obsidian, it made a great blade.
  • People in Paleolithic Age had very few jobs. The main job was to go and hunt for food to survive. Specialized jobs included weaving, basket making and , tool making.
  • During the Neolithic times, people would trade, farm, and do specific jobs. People would do jobs such as basket weaving, building homes, weaving, and tool making. They got good at their jobs because they could focus on one thing and not worry about anything. 
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