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Updated: 2/9/2021
Story bard

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  • i react to stuff
  • lets name him bacteria
  • I'm doing it ! I'm doing it ! In your face Puffin! Ha !
  • A Penguin wanted to befriend a bacteria one day but he was afraid he was not alive , that is showing stamina which is reacting to things quickly
  • one year later
  • The penguin them realized that the bacteria could reproduce or else it would not be here. Reproduction is either asexual or Sexual reproduction .
  • when you move your hand you do work too!!
  • the penguin also saw that they could respond to the environment at the same rate. Like how he learned to stay underwater for many minutes at a time.
  • We also both Grow and have D.N.A . We can grow mentally of fiscally . Our d.N.A is like a book for our body . It makes us look and act how we act
  • we both use energy like if you are eating you are using your hands to hold up your food.
  • we both respond to the environment too . If there was a fire we would run . If a spider crawled up your leg you would scream.