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Unknown Story
Updated: 1/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Boo Radley and the kids
  • *cough cough*
  • *Shriek*
  • Tell your father not to teach you anymore. It will interfere with your reading.
  • Teach me? He hasn't taught me anything, Miss Caroline. Atticus ain't got time to teach me anything
  • Scout and Miss Caroline
  • Miss Maudie's house fire
  • Don't worry, Scout, it ain't time to worry yet.
  • Dill comes to his Aunt Rachel's house every summer and spends it with Jem and Scout. They would play "Boo Radley" and would try to spy on Boo. He also has a crush on Scout.The next door neighbors, the Radleys', are a mysterious family that have an insane son. He did things in his younger years that caused his parents to lock him in his home. The three kids are obsessed with Boo and want to be friends with him.
  • Christmas
  • Scout starts school and Miss Caroline accuses her father of teaching her to read but she is naturally literate, unlike the rest of the class. Scout also stands up for Walter Cunningham because he gets called out for not having shoes.
  • Atticus shoots
  • In the middle of the night Miss maudie's house catches fire and all the neighbors go out to see. While Atticus is helping, the kids watch from a far. When the fire was out and everyone goes back to their homes Atticus asks about the blanket they had. The kids were very confused and they find out Boo had wrapped the blanket around them.
  • Miss Maudie Dies
  • Jem, Scout, and Atticus go to Finch's Landing for Christmas. Francis talks bad about Atticus and Scout punches him in the face for it. Aunt Alex takes Francis's side. Jem, Scout, and Finch go back to Maycomb.
  • Grandma, she called me a whore-lady and jumped on me!
  • In Scout's neigborhood, Tim Johnson, a mad dog, is on the loose. Calpurnia calls Atticus and keeps the kids inside. Atticus shows up with the police and the officer hands the gun to Atticus to kill the dog. This causes confusion but, in one shot, Atticus kills the mad dog. Then we find out Atticus used to be "Ol' One-Shot."
  • From reading to Miss Maudie, Jem has seen the fits she has where she spits up. She had these fits because she was addicted to morphine. Miss Maudie passed away and is not suffering anymore.
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