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Macbeth Scene 3
Updated: 1/17/2020
Macbeth Scene 3
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  • Act 3 Scene 1
  • Kill Banquo for is your enemy.
  • I have very bad fortune and I have nothing to lose.
  • I will do what is asked of me.
  • Act 3 Scene 2
  • We have killed Duncan but its not enough. We have to kill anyone who stands in our way.
  • I have this feeling of despair.
  • Act 3 Scene 3
  • We have kill Banquo! Fleance has escaped! We must hurry and tell Macbeth.
  • In this scene Banquo is talking to Macbeth and is telling him about the predictions made by the witches. He is saying how if Macbeth's came true then so should his. Macbeth also talks to two murders about killing Banquo and persuades them by telling them that he is their enemy.
  • Act 3 scene 4
  • You cannot prove I have done it.
  • Booo! I'm Banquo's ghost!!
  • In this scene Macbeth feels as though his entire plan of taking the throne didn't end with just killing Duncan. He insists that he should kill anyone who gets in the way. In this scene he tells his wife to pretend to be kind to Banquo for he has planned a way to kill Fleance and Banquo and this will them false security.
  • Act 3 Scene 5
  • How dare you mess with Macbeth! You should not have! Go and prepare charms to give him a false sense of security.
  • In this scene, there are three murders who set out to kill Banquo and Fleance. The murders successfully kill Banquo but fail at killing Fleance and so he escapes. Banquo told Fleance to avenge his death before he died and so that is what Fleance plans to do. The murders then set off to tell Macbeth what happened.
  • Act 3 Scene 6
  • Macbeth is a tyrant.
  • In this scene, Macbeth is informed that Banquo has been killed but that Fleance escaped. Macbeth is angered by his scape because it means his throne is not yet secure. later on in the scene the banquet begins and Macbeth sees Banquo's ghost and starts going crazy. lady macbeth has to tell the guests to leave and get macbeth to reality because no one saw the ghost but him.
  • Who are you talking to? There is no one here!
  • The three witches are scolded for meddling in Macbeth's business by Hecate. She later tells them that she will take over the mischief but that they must create visions that will send him messages that will fill him with false security. The hecate vanishes and the witches begin to prepare their charms.
  • Lennox and another lord call Macbeth a tyrant and they both suspect that macbeth is responsible for Banquo's murder. Although the murder of Banquo has officially been blamed on Fleance. There is doubt. Maclom and macduff plead King Edward for aid in taking the throne for Macbeth. Macbeth hears this and begins to prepare for war. Lennox hopes this works and their actions can save Scotland from Macbeth.
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