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Updated: 3/16/2020
Jackson Project

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  • Sources:TCI "The United States Through Industrialism"US History
  • Angel'Lyka Gambrell
  • No, I do not think that Andrew Jackson deserves to be on the $20 bill.
  • Jacksonian Democracy: The idea that common people can control the government.
  • Spoils System: The practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs.
  • Indian Removal Act: The president was allowed to make treaties for the American Indians in the East traded their lands to New Indian Territory.
  • The Jacksonian Democracy affected the people badly because some of the common people who didn't have any knowledge on politics have a government job.The Jacksonian Democracy affected the people because this idea lets standard farmers, workers, and the poor to have government jobs.
  • States' Rights: The rights and power held by individual US states rather than by the federal government.
  • The spoils system defectively afflicted the US because Andrew Jackson removed some of the Republicans and replaced them with Democrats for the government jobs.With the spoils system changed the US because Democrats got the chance to work in the government than rich people.
  • War on National Bank/Economic Decisions: The bank was owned by the federal government and had a monopoly on federal deposits. Andrew Jackson call ed the bank unconstitutional monopoly that existed for the rich. The federal bank got destroyed and federal deposits were put into state banks. An act on deciding on the matter.
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  • The Indian Removal Act damaged the people in US because Andrew Jackson had force some Indians out of their lands with force, if they refused.The Indian Removal Act altered the people because American wealthy planters and poor settlers got the land for cotton.
  • The States' Rights concerned the US citizens because Jackson didn't allow southerners to be able to nullify these two law bills.The States' Rights stirred the people in America because Jackson try to pleased the southerners by making a bill that lowered the taxes.
  • and federal deposits were put into state banks. An act on deciding on the matter.The War on National Bank/Economic Decision made the people got influence unsuccessfully because the state banks had different rules than each other causing money to be traded with other people to be harder.The War on National Bank/ Economic Decisions gave people affected advanced because the people were able to be free from the national bank monopoly on federal deposits.