Jade's Storyboard (1.2)
Updated: 1/22/2020
Jade's Storyboard (1.2)
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Storyboard Text

  • King Duncan
  • Jade AbrahamScene 1 Act 2
  • Malcolm
  • Captain
  • Macbeth
  • Macdonwald
  • Ross
  •  Your Highness, even though the war isn't looking so good for us, the all brave Macbeth has killed the traitor.
  • Now that the traitor is dead, we need to start thinking about winning the war against Norway
  • How am I going to repay Macbeth for his bravery?
  • At this point I don't care about my life.
  • This is what you get for betraying your country. This is what you get for committing treason.
  • Jade AbrahamScene 1 Act 2
  • I hope this is enough to repay Macbeth for his loyalty.
  • Now that we have won the war, I need you to do something for me. I need you to inform Macbeth that he is the new, Thane of Cawdor.
  • What ever you may need, Your Highness.
  • Captain is telling the King and Malcolm about the war. The war isn't looking good for Scotland and that made the King realize that they need to improve in the battle. Captain also tells the King about how Macbeth killed the traitor Macdonwald, and the king doesn't know how he's going to repay Macbeth.
  • The King wants to make me the new Thane of Cawdor? 
  • Our brave Macbeth, the king has sent me to inform you of your new position, The new Thane of Cawdor.
  • We will give you $10,000. But only under the condition that you take care of our fallen men.
  • Macbeth is killing the old Thane of Cawdor because the old Thane wasn't loyal to his country and gave Norway some information theat could help them win the war. This gets Macbeth recgognized by the King.
  • That's a deal. 
  • After Scotland won the war the King really believed that he had to repay Macbeth and this is how he thinks of thanking Macbeth for his loyalty. So he sends on of his nobleman to inform Macbeth of the King's decision.
  • Ross has gone looking for Macbeth at the King's request and he found him. Ross is telling Macbeth that he's the new Thane of Cawdor beacuse he was brave enough to kill the old Thane, and this is the King's way to thank him.
  • Does this mean that the prophecy is coming true?
  • Ater Scotland won the war, Norway wanted to make negotiations with them so that they don't have to clean up the mess made by the war, but Scotland would have to clean up. 
  • I can help fix my Kingdom. I can repair the damages.
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