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APES pt 1
Updated: 6/20/2020
APES pt 1
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  • How does our school expect us to eat these garbage food everyday?! No wonder people throw most of it away...
  • Ah boy here we go again..
  • It all started on a fine Monday afternoon...
  • How many times do I have to tell you this is because of the 2012 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act? You know... the one that came after the era where 'ketchup was a vegetable'?
  • First of all, why are you bringing this right now, in lunch, where I'm trying to avoid a lecture?! But like, the act is the reason why the food is below par now..
  • ... and you can't even eat in the cafeteria in peace: so much noise, the rush to finish before the bell, the long lunch lines. I'm just trying to have a good meal to be focused during class...
  • Dude, do you not see the problem here? People like YOU are wasting food every single day. But no one is doing anything about it! Stop complaining and actually talk to the principal about the food to get something you won't waste.
  • I mean, COME ON. Why else do surveys of schools show hundreds of pounds wasted every day? More importantly, would this really be a growing problem if you tried to at least savor your right to food?
  • Sorry but this conversation is going nowhere. Thank you for the rant, but there really isn't anything I can do about food in this strict school system...
  • At least look into how you could change this situation.
  • Well, that's pointless knowing the school board is afraid of having obesity rates going up like it did in the 80's.....
  • Address school food waste!!!!
  • RING
  • We could lose billions of dollars in the coming decades!!!
  • Later that week, at home....
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