Updated: 2/20/2020

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  • Did you know the key areas of slavery are Asia and Africa?
  • So, do you mind telling us your name, how old you are, and where you were born?
  • My name is Tiffany Wilson. I am 8 years old, and I was born in Africa
  • No.
  • So, if you don't mind us asking, how and why were you a slave?
  • well... It all started when...
  • But what if I miss you
  • Mommy, why do I have to work AND live here
  • Then you call
  • You have to work here because we can't afford to take you to school.
  • modern-day slavery is driven in part by a worldwide demand for cheap labor, which allowscompanies to produce cheap items
  • How long did you work there?
  • I worked there for 3 whole years! they said I couldn't call my mommy. Police officers came and took us all out.
  • Some companies including Mars Candy Bars, are choosing to not buy products using child slaves
  • how would you feel if I told you companies are stepping into the effort to end child slavery?
  • I would be happy, but how??
  • YAYYY!!
  • YOU Can help by raising awareness and showing your support.
  • Why is Child Slavery an issue, Do you know?
  • Did you know that you are 1 of around 40 million slaves worldwide?
  • I will DEFINITELY try my hardest to help.
  • I think I know. People are tricking kids' parents into thinking that they will live a better life in slavery, also making them more vulnerable to human trafficing
  • That's A LOT!!!!