Final Project - Sanitation PSA - Jonathan Liga

Updated: 6/19/2020
Final Project - Sanitation PSA - Jonathan Liga

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to a PSA by NYC Clean!Cleaning NYC to make a Safer World!
  • Our mission is to use new, innovative strategies, to clean our city, and reduce the effects of poor sanitation, making NYC the new standard in clean, Urban living!
  • Cities were first developed in Ancient Mesopotamia, around 4500 BCE.
  • As populations rose, so did poor sanitation. Poor sanitation has been a problem ever since.
  • However, cities took off during the Industrial Revolution, where city populations rose
  • The poor choices made by city residents in the past have resulted in consequences for us in the present.
  • These consequences can include: harming aquatic wildlife and harming surrounding environments (see attached graph)
  • Actions such as dumping waste in water, burning waste, or creating waste disposal sites have caused such consequences
  • In addition to environmental factors, poor sanitation can lead to increased risk of diseases like cholera and dysentery. It can also increase anxiety in people
  • Consequences in the near future are similar to those of today, just on a much larger scale (more hurt wildlife and environment)
  • A case study done in 2019 shows how the effects of poor sanitation in cities on the rest of the country (U.S.)
  • The case study revealed that micro plastics from cities spread throughout streams and rivers all over the country, showing how litter in cities can affect other areas.
  • Some local governments have taken action, mostly through private contracts with companies that will increase sanitation
  • However, this is not enough. As a community, people need to propose legislation in their local governments that will enforce better sanitation habits
  • Individually, we need to practice better sanitation habits. Together, we can make NYC a cleaner city!