Canto 5 Storyboard Part 2
Updated: 1/29/2021
Canto 5 Storyboard Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • There are so many people here, can I talk to them?
  • No promises but we will see who we find.
  • We can try and talk to her. Her name is Francesca.
  • I have a story to tell if you are interested!
  • I love you Francesca, may our love be like that of Arthur and Guinevere!
  • Agreed, I love you more than my husband!
  • Dante pities the people who called this level of Hell home because they all looked miserable and unhappy.
  • I'm so sorry Paolo, I will always love you...
  • That's what you get for the sins you have committed.
  • Dante meets a woman named Francescia who eagerly agreed to share her tragic love story with him so that she will be remembered.
  • Oh my goodness, is he okay? Did I say something wrong?
  • No, he is fine though he appears to be a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for the story though I'm sure it will really help with his research of hell!
  • She was married to a wealthy, old man who she did not love. She loved his younger nephew named Paolo. The two fell in love and hung out in secret. They read stories about King Arthur and his love, Guinevere which prompted their lustful desires of one another.
  • Francesca's husband discovers the affair and kills Francescaia by accident then quickly killing his nephew after.
  • Dante is so moved by Francesca's story he faints as a dead body falls to the ground.
  • On to the next level.....