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Story board 1
Updated: 9/24/2020
Story board 1
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  • No guys we can't go on like this, we need to put an end to this madness
  • Exactly, we must do something about this, tomorrow I'm calling a meeting
  • Good Day to you all, I have called this meeting to discuss the challenges that we are all facing as the staff of this Hotel because I believe we are all affected by this unlawful conduct. we need to put an end to this.
  • I fully agree with you Mr Ramabu, but what do we do now?
  • Before we move forward, I would like to ask is there anyone who doesn't belong to a union here? because if that's the case I won't be able to represent them.
  • I suggest we write down all our issues so that the shop steward can go and raise our concerns to the management
  • We will have to schedule this meeting for after work as we won't be able to cover everything now and to also give those who still need to join the union a chance to join.
  • it's a rainy day, the workers knocked off work at 10p.m. they are now waiting for a public transport outside the hotel to go home as they do not have rooms to sleep on while working late shifts, mind you they have to be at work tomorrow morning at 6a.m
  • Thank you Mam!
  • here are the forms guys, just fill in your details then we are done.
  • One of the staff has summoned a meeting for all staff members to pave a way forward regarding the issues that they are facing, they have all met in the kitchen during lunch time to discuss the matter further.
  • WORKPLACE ISSUES1.Salaries2.Staff House3.Provident Fund
  • We are demanding a staff house that is close to work because we can't be travelling everytime when we are working late shifts.
  • And we are not happy with our salaries
  • Especially after what happened yesterday, we had to wait hours for a public transport
  • The Shop Steward had to recruit all those who did not belong to a union so that she can represent everyone so the workers will have to go sign the forms and the meeting was scheduled for the afternoon.
  • Let me read the letter.
  • Good Morning Sir! Yesterday we had a meeting as the employees of this Hotel, We are not satisfied with our working conditions. therefore we request you to deal with this matter urgently.
  • Two of the employees went to join the union, they only started working at the hotel 2 months ago so they haven't joined the union yet and now that they belong to a union, they can be represented by the shop steward.
  • The Hotel staff has requested a venue from their management for their meeting in the Afternoon, they are now in the venue raising all the issues they have in the workplace and their expectations
  • The Shop Steward went to the manager's office to hand in the complaint letter from the employees, explaining everything that is written in that letter trying to make the manager understand their concerns.
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