The Monstrumologist part II
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Monstrumologist part II
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  • Captain Varner was ill. So Warthrop helped him..
  • He's now gone..
  • I'll be right there just open the door.
  • Someone is at the door, sir
  • When they arrived, Warthrop spoke to Mrs. Bratton & Dr.Starr so he can have the chance to talk to Captain Varner. Warthrop wanted to speak with him due to him knowing about the creature. After sometime Will Henry stepped back in the room and found Warthrop sitting next to Varner, which he was now no longer.
  • After Varner's elaboration and death, Warthrop & went home to analyse the conflict even more. The next day or two when they were analyzing on the door. It was Constable Robert Morgan.
  • What's that smell- oh!
  • This was it alright..
  • Will Henry opened the door as Warthrop started talking to him. It turns out that Constable Robert wasn't there to just visit. He had a case and questions, since he didn't understand the type of situation. Warthrop agrees to help him taking Will Henry with him.
  • To Be Continued..,
  • I was with my family then all of the sudden it started to attack us, Will Henry. I.. I tried to save my sister,,, but I wasn't able to..
  • Could you tell me what happened exactly?
  • They went to a house near the graveyard they saw the old grave-robber die and the creature. Constable Robert explain that there was a murder but, it didn't look like any other murder that had been done before.
  • Constable Robert took them inside to take a look. It smelled like death and well there was. They found the bodies of a family almost all shredded to pieces. Warthrop knew how it happened or what caused this horrifying murder.
  • Constable Robert told him that there was only one victim that survived. So they headed to the church where he was. A 15 or 16 year old boy named Malachi Stinnet was sitting there. Warthrop started to talk to him but it seemed as if he only wanted to talk to Will due to them both being kids.
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