the warsss

Updated: 6/15/2020
the warsss

Storyboard Text

  • I'm on top of you, No I can't move!
  • Captain Rodwell? Where are you? Can you move?
  • Do you think I should come out?
  • Where is Poole?
  • Who is Poole?
  • "Robert said: 'Captain Rodwell'? 'Where are you?I'm on top of you.''Can you move?''No. The other bunk is lying on top of me and I think is full of eath (pg.122)
  • "The wire was cutting into them both. Levitt spoke from under the table." (pg.123)'Do you think I should come out?' he asked." (pg.123)"Levitt on his hands and knees. He crawled out" (pg.123)
  • "Where is Poole? said Robert, Who is Poole said Levitt." (pg.123)"Levitt started puling things aside and throwing them over his shoulder." (pg.123)
  • "Slowly the weight began to lift from Robert's back and he realized his legs were still intact.." (pg. 123)
  • "Then there was a sudden cry. A wedge of chicken wire was sticking out of Rodwell's knee. He plucked it away and threw is aside." (pg. 124)"Ouch, he said and laughed" (pg.124)
  • "All animals had survived, although the hedgehog still had not unrolled himself" (pg.124)"Long, thick curls of smoke were blowing overhead as if there was a storm of fire" (pg. 124)