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Updated: 10/11/2018
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  • In my ordinary world
  • Hi there I am Gilgamesh, King of Uruk I am the man to whom all things are known! Terrifying Like a Great Wild Bull....
  • A Call to Adventure!
  • Let us go kill Humbaba! yeah! This shall be our first adventure!
  • Refusal of the call?!
  • Do not go down in the forest; when I opened the gate my hand lost its strength.
  • Dear friend do not speak like a coward. Have we not got the better of so many dangers and traveled so far, to turn back at last?
  • Meeting mentor/supernatural aid
  • I send great winds to help you defeat Humbaba. I support you 101!!
  • Crossing the threshold
  • Tests and Allies
  • You wrecked the ship and maybe even your chance to cross the river!
  • I have already been through so much trying to get here! And now I have to fix this boat! I miss my brother! I want to be Immortal! But now I must reconstruct this boat.
  • I am the great Humbaba, Keeper of the Cedar Forest.
  • My brother is dead! I suffer Greatly!! I am afraid of death so I will travel far to find Utnapishtim and find everlasting life!
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