Work Ethic
Updated: 2/6/2020
Work Ethic
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  • 1st Place
  • Hey guys have any of y'all seen my homework
  • Hey Mike, Rosie has something she wants to tell you.
  • Nope I haven't
  • I haven't either.
  • Maybe you left it at home you never know,
  • It's nowhere I'm 100% sure I put it in my book bag, But something tells me Rosie has it.
  • Well I don't know maybe cause the face she did looks like she has it.
  • You have to tell him you have it or i'm going to tell him.
  • What! Why didn't you tell him you had it. So you just toke it???
  • Hey so guess what i'm the one who has Mike's homework.
  • Yeah I just toke it from his book bag his so smart and I need to get a good grade'
  • Wait what I need it and I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I understand lets go tell him then.
  • Oh okay go head Rosie.
  • I have your homework I'm really sorry I needed to get a good grade so I just toke your homework.
  • WHAT!
  • Oh you could of just asked for help I would of been happy to help you.
  • See it wasn't that bad to tell the truth.
  • Okay I promise I won't do it again.
  • Well it wasn't right for you to take my homework but yeah i'm not just don't do it again.
  • So your not mad at me?
  • Thanks for telling the truth Rosie.
  • You have to thank Kevin for that.
  • But yeah y'all are great friends.
  • Your a great friend too Rosie.
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