M5U3A2 Communicating Misbehaviours to Parents for Kindergarten (Irene and L

Updated: 7/28/2020
M5U3A2 Communicating Misbehaviours to Parents for Kindergarten (Irene and L

Storyboard Text

  • Communicating Results to Parents for Kindergarten (M5U3A2)Irene and Lili
  • Scenario 2Communicating the Test Score Results of a student who is performing below the expected proficiency level.
  • Scenario 1Communicating the Social skills of a student who has been refusing to follow instructions in class.
  • BEFORE THE MEETING (FOR BOTH SCENARIOS)Make a list of the class rules, policies and procedures to show the parent.Create and Send a Class Dojo invite to parents to communicate with parents online and a way to keep records of the communication.Organize and sort all the incident records of the child Organize the students graded work and assignments
  • Hi! Irene, How can I prepare for my PTC?
  • Hi Lili, Don't worry about it! Here are some suggestions for you to take into consideration before your PTC.
  • Make a summary of the classroom rules and student's expected behaviour.Explain the specific rule the student is breaking. Show parent's the record of the behaviour incident record.Offer parents a lists of positive behavior workshops. Write down an action plan to address the student's behaviour.
  • During PTCScenario 1
  • Lili, Don't stress about talking to parents. Follow these steps and you'll do great.
  • Parents and Teacher to be on the same page. Have an open communication policy. Teacher will update parents on a regular basis about the student's progress through Class Dojo.Teacher and Parents can plan an informal get together on a regular basis to discuss the progress of the student.
  • Strategy of building a parent-teacher partnership(For both scenarios)
  • Get your child's attention.Minimize Distractions.Give directions in a calm and quiet voice.Wait 4-7 minutes before repeating the directions.Ask your child to repeat the direction to check if they understood it.Give directions one at a time.Be specific with the instructions.Use Visual Reminders.
  • Tips for parents to help their kids at home