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ther Hero's Journey
Updated: 9/2/2020
ther Hero's Journey
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  • Moana has always been drawn to the ocean, but her father has always forbid her from going anywhere near it.
  • When she was a little girl, Moana helped a sea turtle get to the water. When she walked further into the water, it parted so she wouldn't drown.
  • Moana went into the water to collect a shell, and in stead the ocean brought her the heart of te fiti.
  • One day, Moana decided to listen to the call of the ocean and take a boat. It didn't go very well because she didn't know how to sail. Both her and Pua, her pig, almost died.
  • Her Grandmother saw what had happened and decided to help Moana. She showed her a cave that contained lots of old boats and told her about their past.
  • Dad, there is a whole cave full of boats that our ancestors used to sail across the sea to find new islands to live o to have food.
  • I should have burned those boats a long time ago. We are not voyagers anymore and the ocean is too dangerous.
  • He was not happy about her finding out about their past, but that didn't stop her.
  • Her grandmother helped her sneak to get a boat and sail away to find Maui to restore the heart of Te Fiti.
  • After a big storm, she finally made it to Maui with the help of the ocean.
  • She sailed away to find Maui with the help of the ocean and her grandmother's spirit.
  • Together Maui and Moana journeyed across the sea fighting monsters and the worst of all, TeCa
  • They fought TeCa once and failed. The second time, Moana was able to get around and get to Te Fiti.
  • Moana quickly realized once she got to Te Fiti that with out her heart, Te Fiti became TeCa.
  • After she restored the heart, she convinced her father to become voyagers again. They set sail just a few days after and everyone enjoyed it.
  • We did it! I restored the heart of Te Fiti.
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