The Giver
Updated: 1/15/2020
The Giver
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  • Asher you can't play this game anymore please.
  • Jonas chill out, it's just a game.
  • You are the new Reciever of Memory Jonas
  • Oh those are just stirrings all it means is you're ready for the pills
  • This is the time that Jonas saw Asher and some of the other kids in the community playing war and he wanted to tell Asher about what war really was but he couldn't. In the novel the Giver gives Jonas a memory of war. This memory frightens and terrifies and devastates Jonas completely. He used to love the game of war but now that he knows what war really is he can't get over it.
  • This is the ceremony where Jonas was given the job of reciever of memory there is no color because Jonas was not able to see color yet. This scene is a big part of the novel because it was when he first got his assignment of the receiver of memory which is what the entire book is about. In the novel the reciever of memory comes with very high honor because there is only one. Jonas was very shocked and scared at this moment in time. In the novel she kept mentioning how much honor this job came with and how much pain would come with this job. Which gave Jonas a lot of pressure and nerves
  • This is the time Jonas was told that he had to start taking pills because he had had a "stirring" the night before. This is a significant scene because this is when he first started taking the pills they hand out for stirrings. In the novel when Jonas told his family unit about the dream they brushed it off and his mother told him it was normal and that he needed to start taking pills every morning
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