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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • I'm sorry but you didn't clean your room like, I asked you too and you know how I feel when you stay out late.
  • Hey mum can I go hang out with my friends later?
  • Fine Mia but the answer is still no! You're being so disrespectful Go to your room.
  • You always do this to me! I never see my friends and I did clean my room, I'm just never appreciated here.
  • I'm so sick of my mum! I have no freedom around here and get treated terribly. I'm always in trouble!
  • Mia asks her Mother if she is allowed to go hang out with her friends, her Mother says no as she believes Mia hasn't done the chores she's been asked to do. Mia's mum is also concerned about Mia and worries she will stay out too late.
  • That's too bad, you really missed out
  • Area of Circle = πr2
  • My mum wouldn't let me come out with you guys she hates me.
  • Mia, where were you on the weekend?
  • Mia is frustrated with her Mother's response, she feels as if she has no freedom and is unappreciated at home. Her and her Mother are both being reactive to the situation at hand. Mia's Mother sends her to her room.
  • Excuse me Mia, what is the area of a circle?
  • Um... I'm not sure. Sorry Miss
  • Mia is upset with her Mother, She feels that she is always in trouble for doing the wrong thing and feels that she can do nothing right.
  • This fighting with my mum is starting to effect my school work!
  • Mia's friends inquire her whereabouts on the weekend as they all planned to meet up. Mia tells them her mum wouldn't let her go and that her Mother hates her.
  • The math teacher asks Mia a question, Mia doesn't know the answer which is odd from her as math is her favourite subject and she is good at it.
  • Mia is upset that she didn't know the answer to the question the teacher asked; her thoughts were preoccupied with the fight her and her mother had. Mia has options in what she can about her fight.
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