ur mom lol
Updated: 2/23/2021
ur mom lol

Storyboard Description

in which a bunch of monkeys spend the night at your mom's house

Storyboard Text

  • overproduction
  • variation
  • environment
  • Many monkeys' habitat is in the jungle where they need to swing from tree to tree in order to get bananas to eat food.
  • struggle
  • There are two variations of tails in the monkeys that live here in the jungle. The trait of the first variation is a short tail. The second variation is a monkey with a long tail.
  • environment
  • Since these animals need food to survive, they must swing between the trees in the jungle with their tails, in order to get bananas from them.
  • environment
  • The monkeys that have the short tail gene have an incredibly hard time swinging from tree to tree to get food. This causes them to starve to death.
  • Monkeys that have the genes of a long tail the the ease of swinging between the trees with no problem. They were natural selection's choice to survive.
  • Over multiple generations, the short tailed monkeys died out and more and more the the long tailed monkeys started reproducing, passing their long tailed genes onto their offspring.