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Romulus and Remus
Updated: 4/28/2020
Romulus and Remus
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  • Romulus and Remus are born to the princess Rhea Sylvia and Mars the god of war. The King is not pleased because the boys could grow to overthrow him someday.
  • They could overthrow me!! I must get rid of them!
  • So, the King disposed of them in the Tiber River thinking they would die.
  • They will surely die.
  • But instead a she-wolf found them and kept them alive with the help of a friendly woodpecker.
  • A shepherd discovered the boys, took them in and raised them as his own
  • They ended up killing the King, and when the truth got out about what the king had done, the people wanted them as Kings, but they said no.
  • But one day Remus was captured and brought to the King, so Romulus and some shepherds went to rescue him.
  • Alive!?
  • Make them kings!!
  • Instead, they wanted to start their own nation, but they couldn't agree on the hill to build it on.
  • I want this hill!!
  • I want this one!
  • Once Romulus began to build his wall Remus got jealous and started to make fun of the height of it. This made Romulus so angry that he killed Remus.
  • you're annoying
  • hehe
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