Defense Mechanisms
Updated: 5/30/2020
Defense Mechanisms
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  • This shows Freud's repression mechanism because Nate is a grown man and naturally should not be afraid of or believe in monsters so he represses that idea
  • f
  • Come on Nate you are a grown man
  • There's No monsters in this scary cave
  • This shows Freud's denial mechanism because the boy refuses to admit that his room is dirty even though it is clearly dirty
  • My room isn't dirty mom you are just in a bad mood
  • Honey you are in denial, clean up you room before 12 or else...
  • Why do you want to breakup I haven't even done anything you are the annoying one
  • This shows Freud's projection mechanism as the boy accusses the girl of wanting to break up even through she really does not want to and in reality he wants to break up
  • You have been acting like you want to lately..
  • When did I ever say anything about breaking up?
  • This shows Freud's displacement mechanism as Lebron is seen throwing the basketball at the wall in anger of J.R. Smith not shooting the ball
  • Why didn't JR shoot the ball man
  • We could have won that game
  • This shows Freud's regression mechanism as the Girl is seen crying, which usually a response that happens at a younger age
  • Why did Justin break up with me?
  • I just get really mad sometimes and I want to take it out.
  • This illustrates Freud's sublimation mechanism as the boxer explains that he uses boxing, which is socially acceptable, as a way to dispel his anger
  • And its pretty easy to beat you so my anger goes away
  • So why do you box mate?
  • We'll see about that
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