Summarising The Cold War
Updated: 4/20/2020
Summarising The Cold War
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  • In 1945, The Grand Alliance started to breakdown, as there was no common enemy to fight against anymore. Also, the western part of Europe didn't like the idea of Communism.
  • Stalin (Left), FDR (Middle), Churchill (Right)
  • America was capitalist, and Russia was communist, and they're relationship was strained because they believed in different things.
  • Communism is better! Everyone gets the same amount of earnings!
  • Capitalist is better! Everyone has freedom of speech!
  • Three people (George Kennan, Nikolai Novikov and Winston Churchill) all made speeches/telegrams about the iron curtain. Two of the people where from Capitalist countries and one of them was from a communist country. All of the telegrams/speeches caused tension to rise between America and Soviet Union.
  • America had two policies called the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. They were both to help countries in need, but it also tried to get them to be a capitalist country.
  • We (America) will give you money and supplies, but you might want to consider being a Capitalist country, for your sake.
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