Updated: 3/15/2021

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  • you might be wondering what just happened? that girl right there she has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes changes in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function. She did not even know that she had the disorder so she thought that there was something wrong with her. there is not though
  • what is wrong with me?
  • yes how can I help you
  • hi there is this kids help phone?
  • is this happening daily?
  • Well every day I am having these mood swings and I think that there is something wrong with me
  • Every single day I don’t have many friends anymore either and it is so hard
  • Well I think that you have bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder experience intense emotional states that typically occur during distinct periods of days to weeks, called mood episodes. It is totally normal, and you have nothing to worry about.