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Updated: 2/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A vision from God
  • Wow, I need to go tell everyone about my vision from God
  • I have an anouncement! I will be traveling to have a peaceful fight and I will need lots of children.
  • The gathering
  • Goplin
  • Bathing suites
  • Williamson
  • Bakery
  • A long Journey
  • Wow lets take a break we have lots so much of our crew.
  • A young boy was having visions from God telling him that he needed to stand up for his religion and go fight. Nicholas didn't back down from his gut and gathered kids to fight with him.
  • The Kidnapping
  • Please no! I must save my people!
  • When Nicholas told everyone about his vision, no one was comfortable sending their kids to fight. Everyone thought that Nicholas's idea was insane and he would never be able to accomplish his dreams. With that he got thousands of kids to come fight with him even though their parents didn't feel comfortable with it.
  • The returnal
  • Goplin
  • Williamson
  • Bakery
  • Bakery
  • Thousands of children went to peacefully fight because of Nicholas's vision from God and went unprepared and unarmed.
  • The execution
  • Yes, that is correct.
  • Thousands of children died on the way to fight in a Crusade and some got kidnapped. Parents were kind of dumb to send their kids because they had no tools to use to defend or save themsleves with.
  • When Nicholas returned everyone remembered that he left with thousands of kids and when he had came back he only had hundreds because of the kidnapping and loosing kids on the way to peacefully fight.
  • Bathing Suites
  • We lost to much of our crew and never made it to fight.
  • Since Nicholas returned with a little amount of children after leaving with thousands of children people thought the best decision to make was killing Nicholas's dad because they didn't believe it was right to punish Nicholas for it.
  • We understand that your son is responsible for losing much of our population is that correct?
  • Good, we have found the man to execute