Comic Strip Book Project
Updated: 11/30/2020
Comic Strip Book Project

Storyboard Text

  • OMG Is that My Nick? Yes it is. Oh no.
  • Mom and Dad, this is my girlfriend Lizzy. Mr. and Mrs. Lowry these are my parents Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds.
  • Wow. Amy has not changed. She is still beautiful. What am I going to do?
  • Nick I can't do this. You hurt me many years ago. I have a family now... with Phil. That sucks that you were in jail. I wish I was there for you.
  • Amy. I still love you after all these years. I never left you from Costa Rica. Believe me. I was in jail at that time. I would've never left you.
  • What have I done?? Omg. I can't believe I did this. Oh Phil. He doesn't deserve this. I have to leave and maybe Phil won't know.
  • zzz... Amy
  • OH. He knows. I didn't want him to find out this way. Phil can't even look at me. I don't blame him. What am I going to do now?
  • How could she? I can barely look at her. Did I do something wrong? I'm so confused. Was it something I did to make her do this?
  • I don't know why I did what I did but I am really sorry. You did nothing wrong, this is all on me. This was just a one time thing. I'm really sorry and I do love you. I don't love Nick. Trust me. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. Please, give me a second chance.
  • HOW COULD YOU AMY??? Why would you do that? I would've listened to you. If only you went to ME not Nick. I can't believe you. I don't think I am able to trust you ever again. I'm sorry. I can't be here.
  • I knew it. It was always her. You know what go to her. It is obvious that you still love her. In Costa Rica, that's all you talked about. Amy this and Amy that. I don't know why I still love you because you have never felt the same about me. So, just go.
  • You know what, you are right Eliza. I don't love you the way I love Amy. I am not ashamed of my actions at all. You should be though. You were the one that kept the telegrams away from me and Amy. How could you? I will gladly leave because I can't be around you.