Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • One day a man named Siddhartha's friend told Siddhartha him to leave his palace. Siddhartha said no because he had a family and chose and more to do in the palace. His friend finally convinced him to leave for the day so they left.
  • Lets go!
  • When they got to the town Siddhartha saw a sick man, an old man, and a dead man. This made him sick but his friend told him that it was all apart of life and was ok.
  • Siddhartha was not happy. He didn't understand that those things were normal. He tried to stop thinking about is but no luck. He left his family to find the meaning of life.
  • Siddhartha became a monk. He was trying to find the true meaning of life but after 5 whole years no luck. He was starting to run out of hope. He was also very hungry because monks mostly meditate with little eating.
  • One day a little girl gave Siddhartha a bowl of rice. He ate this bowl of rice and had a realization. Being a monk wasn't helping him find the true meaning of life. It was just starving him. He decided no more. He left to go take a walk and think.
  • During his walk Siddhartha took a break under a tree. Under this tree he meditated until he found the meaning of life. He was enlightened. He did not want to teach others but the God Brama told him to and convinced him. So he taught other people what the meaning of life is.
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