the story of reform
Updated: 4/30/2020
the story of reform

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  • The Second Great Awakening
  • I am Charles Finney. I believe we need to change our society. we need to help others first and practice our religion.
  • Transcendentalism
  • we believe that we need to connect with nature and question our society and government.
  • Everyone needs to stop drinking hard liquor. it results in criminal action, poverty, and violence.
  • Temperance Movement.
  • Afterwards Americans made an effort to stop consuming so much alcohol. In the 1930s it became banned.
  • PrisonReform
  • We need to change the conditions of the prisons and make new faculties for the mentally ill and children.
  • States funded mental hospitals. Schools were made for the children and prisons were corrected to stop overcrowding. Also Prisons were offered schooling.
  • EducationReform
  • There was an increase in the state education budget. teachers salaries grew and women's colleges opened.
  • we need to revise the quality and availability of public education.
  • The Declaration of Sentiments was passed in 1848. this made changes to the laws such as women were allowed to not get married or have a full time job,
  • we believed traditional gender roles should be abolished. women serve just as important as men in society. it is imnportant to have individualism and equality.
  • Womens' Rights
  • We urged the nation to put a complete end of slavery. slavery was seen as a mortal and against the foundations of liberty.
  • The conditions and pay for labor were not sufficient. people railed for 5 day weeks and shorter days or work with a better pay.
  • Abolitionist Movement
  • Labor Reform
  • Canditions and treatment slowly got better. labor unions began to rally for fair treatment of employers.
  • we created the underground railroad which help slaves to escape. this was one of the main causes the civil war is over.
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