Comforting Cassie's Journey
Updated: 1/13/2020
Comforting Cassie's Journey
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By: Lily Di Laudo

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  • One day Cassie the comforter decided to go for a morning walk around town. Everything was peacful and happy until she walked by her local hospital...
  • Hmmm ... something doesn't feel right. I can sense sadness and discomfort inside this building when I use my aura of peace. I should try to use my powers and help.
  • Oh no... that doesn't sound good. I think the mourning is coming from the third room down this hall
  • I couldn't save her, she was too sick from the cancer. I feel like her death is all my fault.
  • Don't talk like that Susan. There is nothing you could have done. It was God's will.
  • Cassie enters the room that her aura directs her to. She finds a grieving family around a dead loved one. Cassie knows she has to help the family cope.
  • Unfortunately I can't. God had a special plan for her and you have to trust him okay?
  • Okay I can try.
  • Hi I'm Rachel. My grandma just died, can you bring her back?
  • Hi. My name is Comforting Cassie, and I am here to help you in this time of grief.
  • Thank you for your kindness.
  • Hello. We are Rachel's parents.
  • Thank you, we really appreciate that. The funeral will be next Tuesday. You are welcome to come.
  • A week passed, and it was time for Cassie to go to the funeral. The family is in great need of her healing power.
  • Cassie uses her clarity of memory to fill the families' mind with positive memories of Kate.
  • We are here today to mourn the death of Kate Adams. She was a thoughtful, kind...
  • When Cassie gets home she uses her beacon of prayer to talk to God and pray for the Adams family.
  • In her sleep, Cassie uses her last visit power to appear in Rachel's dreams in the form of her dead grandmother. She gives Rachel a chance to talk to her grandmother and feel her love once more.
  • In the name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy spirit Amen. Thank you God for the power you gave me to help and comfort others. Also I want to pray for the Adams family and their dead grandmother.
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