best friend detectives and the OLD ATIC
Updated: 5/18/2020
best friend detectives and the OLD ATIC

Storyboard Text

  • whats your house number?
  • true, i'm glad your moving near us.
  • i'm so glad my parents let you ride with us
  • 125 we're so close. Thats my house we're here!
  • 123 yours?
  • yay!
  • they wouldn't have if we both weren't moving
  • okay dad, come on Nacy
  • hey! wait up
  • your room is up the steps and down the hall
  • lets explore.
  • I'm jealous
  • your thinking what i'm thinking race you!
  • i want to go to the adic
  • i want to go to the adic
  • your on!
  • I love it! it's so pretty!
  • great idea!
  • we ddo nnow
  • this is frrreeky
  • yyyess iit was a gghost
  • no we don't we will find out what it was
  • diid youu hhear thhat
  • i don't tthink so wwe don't believe in gghosts
  • i have absolutely no idea what could of coused that nose other than a ghost
  • i don't have a girl....hay grrrr seee ya later lil sis
  • some one calling for me
  • naaa it must be your older brother
  • no josh no need for your face here, you should call your girl freind
  • maybe it was the wind?