Updated: 3/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Guten Tag ( Good Afternoon ) , my name is Braun Heinz !
  • January 1919
  • The treaty should not be harsh.
  • I just want justice and not revenge.
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • We need it to be the harshest ! To weaken them.
  • I just want as much territory from them !
  • February 1919
  • President Ebert
  • Braun 
  • Today , I have received the news of the new treaty the Allies will be imposing on us . What should we do ?
  • This is Braun Heinz . A Weimar Government official here in Germany . He is from the German National Socialist Workers party and was once in the Friekorps military . HE went through a tough journey here in Germany ever since 1919 after WWI.
  • February 1919
  • Are all German Workers Party members like that ?! All they bring is trouble.
  • Who else have any other suggestions ?
  • After WWI had ended , USA President Woodrow Wilson , Britain's Prime minister Lloyd George , France's Prime minister Georges Clemenceau and Italy's President Vittorio Emanuele Orlando met up at Paris to discuss the harsh terms for the Treaty of Versailles against Germany . Germany was not invited and did not know about this meeting .
  • 28 June 1919
  • The Germany's president , President Ebert , had the news of the treaty being signed in Paris Peace Conference , hence held a meeting with the government to discuss on the repercussions they might have .
  • 28 June 1919
  • During the government's meeting , Braun raised his opinions to President Ebert , saying that they should not sign the treaty . Out of a surprise , President Ebert ignored his opinions and explanations of the treaty.
  • I think we should not sign the treaty ! It is going to cause Germany to seem weak.
  • In the Palace of Versailles in France , President Ebert was forced to sign the treaty and take total blame for causing WWI . Braun got angry as he believes that Germany should not let in so easily .
  • Is he really going to sign ?! Unbelievable !
  • At that point , Braun felt that the treaty was very unfair hence felt angry at the government for letting in happen and ignored his opinions . Hence , he was determined to find a way to get revenge .
  • I can't believe that happened ! I need to get my revenge !