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Updated: 6/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • heaven on ice
  • In the beginning of the story, chase wakes up, unable to remember almost anything. Not even himself, or his own mother. he then is later told that he took a "swan dive" off his roof and got amnesia.
  • When going to an ice cream shop, "Heaven On Ice", Shoshanna, (Who's family and her hate his guts for bullying Shoshanna's brother, Joel so badly that he had to move.) and gives her a shy smile, because she was staring, and he did not remember her. In anger, Shoshanna dumps her frozen yogurt on his head,
  • When Chase was finally ready to go to school, he sat down at Brendan's table. Brendan was one of his biggest victims for bullying in the past, and Brendan completely freaked out inside. However, Brendan realized Chase was not doing anything bad to him. Later in the story, Brendan needs help with a video project, and Chase offers to help him. Brendan loved the footage he took and invited him to the video club.
  • Since both Shoshanna and him were in the video club, they slowly learned to deal with each other. Chase helped with Shoshanna's national journalism contest by showing her Mr. Solway, a war hero. Chase thought this was perfect for her contest. They both worked together to gather footage of their project "warrior".