Martial Arts in Medieval Japan
Updated: 2/2/2021
Martial Arts in Medieval Japan

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Martial Arts in Medieval Japan

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  • Martial Arts in Medieval Japan
  • How much do you weigh? Can you stay in that position for hours?
  • As soon as I am able, I am going to use my Longbow on this guy!
  • Skills with Weapons
  • I will practice Kendo and be the best in all the land with my sword.
  • The Samurai
  • I am a Samurai on horseback and nobody can beat me!
  • The martial arts which became popular in medieval Japan were introduced from China where, according to tradition, they had begun as a way for Buddhist monks to ensure they were fit enough to sit in meditation for hours.
  • The Main Martial Arts
  • The longbow is my favorite weapon. Same here!
  • Over time, these exercises began to incorporate skills with weapons and they spread across to Japan. Kendo, for example, which emphasized skill with a sword.
  • Swords
  • My swords the best! No mine is the best! NO mine is the best!
  • From the 10th century CE and throughout the medieval period, warriors, especially the samurai, practiced their skills at weaponry and horse riding in order to prepare themselves for the challenges of the wars.
  • Horses
  • These Samurai couldn't do anything without us horses!
  • Archery was the main weapon of the samurai warriors of Japan was, for much of their early history, the longbow, and skill with this weapon was practiced in the martial art of kyudo or kyujutsu.
  • The sword (nihonto) has always held special significance in Japan as it was a weapon used by the gods during the Shinto creation story and is one of the three items of the ancient Japanese royal regalia.
  • Horsemanship or bajutsu was a key skill in Japanese warfare from the 5th century CE onwards. Japanese horses, which mostly came from the wild northeast of Japan, tended to be short but sturdy.