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Short Story Pdf
Updated: 9/30/2020
Short Story Pdf
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  • Georg Znaeym & Ulrich von Gradwitz parents have been in a feud their whole lives which has lead to the famous lawsuit between Gradwitz's grandfather & his neighboring family whom were petty landowners. This caused their eldest boys to feud their while lives as well. The boys both don't know any better because of their parents teaching them other wise. -External Conflict
  • The boys -now men- met in the forest because Gradwitz had thought he had seen the town thief but it had been Znaeym back to feud about the land. Spoken with bitterness they made an agreement of fighting to the death to claim the rest of the land. They both had a set of men watching their conversations together and to protect them. -Dialogue
  • After the boys agreement Gradwitz began thinking about his accomplishment. Gradwitz pulled out a flask to take a drink for celebration. He thought about how he would win the quarrel. -Setting
  • Gradwitz offered his flask to Znaeym asking to be his friend rather than to quarrel over a "stupid piece of forest". Znaeym was concerned about what the region would say about them being friends. Znaeym agrees to be acquittances with one another. -Irony (Situational)
  • Gradwitz had a personality change because before all he wanted was the rest of the forest to claim but now he had realized that the quarrelling in the beginning was just nonsense. Znaeym had a personality change as well because all he knew and learned from his parents was that Gradwitz was the enemy and was incapable of being a friend but now has realized that his parent were caught up in a different situation than what they are in now. - Characterization
  • "Don't let your pride or past issues affect how you see things and/or people themselves." Gradwitz and Znaeym had let their parents past intentions affect how they saw each other but now they understand that they were simply arguing over something that could be fixed so easily. The past doesn't always mean it'll stay that way. -Theme
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