Storyboarding Willy Loman
Updated: 7/22/2020
Storyboarding Willy Loman
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  • Memory
  • Well, I got on the road, and went north to Providence. Met the Mayor... He said "morning!" (Act 1 pg. 677)
  • When I walked into the jungle, I was seventeen. When I walked out I was twenty-one. And by God, I was rich! ( Act 1 pg. 684)
  • I know it when I walk in. They seem to laugh at me... I joke too much! (Act 1 pg. 679-680)
  • That's the spirit!
  • Gee whiz! That's really somethin'. I'm gonna knock Howard for a loop, kid. I'll get an advance and I'll come home with a New York Job. Goddammit now I'm gonna do it! (Act 2 pg. 689)
  • Willy is being reminiscent here, and is state of mind is drifting to past memories he recalls. In this scene, he is talking to his sons about his encounter with the mayor of Providence, showing that a big part of the reason he likes his job is becoming well known and well like everywhere. Reminiscing about his sons in his head, who admired him at this time in the past, may also show that he misses those times a little bit and wants to escape reality.
  • What are you trying to do, blame it on me? If a boy lays down is that my fault? (Act 2 pg. 695)
  • Jeez I was just asking what happened to him after he went to see you in Boston.
  • This scene portrays the insecure side that Willy has. He seems and sounds defeated when he talks of how people probably laugh at him behind his back at work. The fact that he also constantly asks the "ghost" of his brother Ben if he's doing things as a person and parent right not only shows he's a little crazy, but it also shows he's insecure and feels as if he's doing everything wrong, needing constant guidance.
  • You keep asking me for money, but you won't accept my job. When will you grow up?
  • I don't want your goddam job! (Act 2 pg. 695)
  • What is being portrayed here is a rare, genuinely excited Willy. Sometimes, Willy gets overly excited about things and events which gives him brief moments of confidence. When he finds out about his sons' business plan and how they want to bring him to dinner, he feels on top of the world and that he can do anything, and tells this to his wife Linda.
  • Loves me. Always loved me. Isn't that a remarkable thing?... When the mail comes, he'll be ahead of Bernard again! (Requiem pg. 706-707)
  • Willy is regretful here because Miller shows that he somewhat realizes that he's guilty of certain things regarding Biff. He knows Biff saw him cheating on his wife and that might be why he didn't go to summer school. He appears angry in this scene, but I think he also feels regretful and guilty for his actions, but refuses to admit it.
  • Arthur Miller shows us the stubborn side of Willy here, because he won't accept a job from Charley. This is because he feels that he is better than Charley was and won't admit that maybe, he isn't . Also, Charley's ideals are different from him, and Willy really just wants to believe that his are better. He thinks it's about being popular while Charley thinks business is about what you sell.
  • Here we really see his confidence; another brief moment of it in a morbid way. He finally realizes Biff loves him when he cries to him and opens up to him. Willy realizes that he couldn't have been too bad of a father if Biff got so emotional with him. However, it lead him to be too confident that he kills himself to bring money to the family. It also once again shows all he cares about is being more popular, for he thinks the money will make Biff more popular than Bernard again. He ends up being worth more dead than alive.
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