English Assessment 4 Yr9
Updated: 11/5/2018
English Assessment 4 Yr9
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  • The light of the shining moon lit the darkest of things such as the large castle that was laid to rest on top of Chester Hill. It overlooks the entire town of Chester but some say it will be your last. The castle has one caretaker that stands at the front of its gruesome gate all night until one enters at their own will. The castle is surrounded by the sweet and disgusting nature of the moat with the only entrance and exit being a lifted bridge. People say that for those who risk their lives going into the castle with the caretaker, only the caretaker returns the next morning with no trace of anyone else.
  • Once hearing of this place, this looked like adventure looking for me in the very mist. Night falls and the full moon is approaching the tip of the sky as I took my final steps up Chester Hill to the castle. Being up close and personal put me into perspective the size of the castle. One fit for a king. The wind slowly pushed my head into the direction of the bar gate and the moat standing in between us. I took one final look at the town that I was born and grew up in and soon I look away never knowing when I may return. The caretaker seemed mysterious in so many ways. At the blink of an eye, the bridge dropped as if he knew I was coming. He seemed anxious for me to enter. He was wearing all dark clothing with some dark leather shoes and a coat that seemed to of not been washed or sowed since the castle itself was built. This was time when most people’s bellies would shiever or be frightened that they may never return but I felt done of it, nothing but the eagerness for adventure. The caretaker ushered me to enter and I enter the castle wondering what I got myself into.
  • As the gate and the bridge slowly shifted upwards, it was clear that there was no going back. There was only going forward into the main building of the castle. Past the enormous brick walls was the surroundings of a courtyard along with a main building in the middle that looked to be the sleeping and eating quarters as we were walking towards the building, In the distance, there were 4 clearly marked out smaller buildings looking to once protect the owners and those who once lived here in this very place a long time ago. The stinch of death overwhelmed my nose as caretaker and I entered the building. Everything in the building seemed to resemble medieval times but everything seems to be untouched. The caretaker soon lifted his finger in the direction of a bedroom and simply said in a creppy tone “This is where you will stay the night. Never leave or you will regret it forever!”. The caretaker soon slammed the door. You could soon hear the loud footsteps walk past and down the stairs before they just stop. I decide to attempt to get some sleep. 
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