element story bored
Updated: 1/11/2021
element story bored

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Maggie I am magnesium. My Symbol is MgMy Atomic number is 12. I have 12 of neutrons. Im in Period 3 and Group 2 with the other alkaline earth metals. I am a metal and my valence shell is almost empty.
  • I am Olivia im Oxgen. I am Maggies best Friend!
  • Im trying to find a job. But im having a hard time finding one that seems fun to me. One thing that i can do is to help make the bright light of the fireworks. But i dont really find it so much fun.
  • I could also be a part of car seats. But thats not much fine either.
  • Im starting to think that i wont find a job that i like and ill have to do a boring one....
  • Olivia-how is the jobs hunting going?Maggie- not so great i cant find a job that i like doing. Olivia- I think i can help, im looking for a job too!
  • And thats how maggie found the perfect job. THE END
  • We have so much fun together so what if we could work together?! Eveyone knows that oxegen and magnisium makes magnesium oxide!!!!
  • that sounds perfect! well have so much fun!