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split 2
Updated: 2/19/2020
split 2
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  • I hate to interrupt but hi.. I'm here too. Also I'm super hungry can we go eat.
  • Adam's right. Let me change and we can go eat.
  • I'm so glad you're alright, and I'm so sorry I made you feel the need to run away
  • Ray it's okay...I'm okay and I forgave on the way here. Please, don't cry
  • Aww Adam came!!
  • Hey sleepyhead, Adam's waiting for you to eat breakfast. Have fun, but not too much fun
  • Although it concerns me that you said that in unison, and there's food right there, I'll go with it anyway.
  • Why'd you run away? I assumed it was because you didn;t wanna go out with me.
  • Wow Francis, you look super pretty. I know we haven't known each other long but can I ask you something?
  • We still have some time to kill, wanna preview our first date?
  • No! I was on Cloud 9 when you asked me out. Truth is,my estranged mother came back and it killed me
  • Thanks Adam, I appreciate it, and of course, what's the question?
  • I'd love to!
  • When Francis was awakened from her deep sleep, not only was she shocked to see her sister, she was shocked to see how understanding and apologetic Ray was being.
  • That's true, but I know a girl that is even more beautiful than the view
  • I nailed that line!!
  • The sky is so pretty in the afternoon. Who knew Oakland was this gorgeous
  • Francis was relieved that she packed something nice in my backpack, so she changed into it and went downstairs to eat, but Ray and Nana had other plans.
  • Wow...
  • As confused Francis was, she was mostly excited by the fact that she was about to go out to breakfast with Adam... her crush.
  • This is Kelly's mother, Amanda, and I am messaging you from her phone to let you know she has been in a car accident and is at the hospital. My Kelly could use some visitors
  • From: Kel To: me, Adam, Marty, Miles, Ash, Kevin, ColeSubject: EMERGENCY
  • Once their stomachs were filled, Adam and Francis went atop a skyscraper in Oakland to enjoy the view, and each others' company
  • Dang he nailed that line!
  • While at the park, just silently holding each other while listening to the night's breeze, the two 12 year old kids had never felt so at peace...
  • Everything was perfect, until they received a text that changed everything
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