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The Mighty Hercules
Updated: 10/8/2020
The Mighty Hercules
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  • When Hercules was born, Hera was jealous of Hercules' mother, Alecmene. Her jealousy turned into a strong hatred for Hercules, and therefore, she decided to eliminate him. When Hercules was born, Hera sent two huge serpents to destroy the child, but Hercules was born with superhuman strength and instead strangled the snake, From then on, he was known as Alcide, which meant 'the strong one'.
  • Amphytrion was worried. he was afraid that Hercules would actually kill someone without meaning to do so. Therefore, he sent Hercules into the woods to Chiron, the wise centaur, who was part horse and part human.
  • When Hercules was still a child, his mother Alcmene married Amphytrion, the King of Thebes. Amphytrion was very fond of Hercules and took good care of him. He selected the best teachers to train the young child the manly skills that a prince was supposed to learn. But Hercules had little interest in such things and would not bother to prepare for his lessons.
  • One day, Linus was very angry that Hercules had not prepared for his lessons. He struck Hercules. Now, Hercules was a short tempered boy, and he retaliated by throwing his lyre at Linus, hitting his teacher with such force that he collapsed on the spot.
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