The French and Indian War

The  French and Indian War

Storyboard Description

The 7 year war.

Storyboard Text

  • It became too crowded in the British colonies. So the British wanted to settle on the Ohio River Valley for more space and sources.
  • You can't settle here, this is our land.
  • Surrender, this land is ours now.
  • British soldier
  • French soldier
  • We will help you defend your land against the British.
  • The British teamed up with the Native Americans.
  • 1754The war for Ohio River Valley begins.
  • William Pitt becomes Prime minister, and tricks the public telling them that Britain will pay for the war and not them. But later increases taxes to pay for the war.
  • OH NO!!!
  • At first, the British were losing but the war took a turn when the British teamed up with the Iroquis tribe. The British won the war.
  • Let's end this war. It's been too long.
  • 1763-End of the war.The Treaty of Paris is signed in 1783
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