Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • Josh is playing on an online game and receives a friend request from someone in his school called Daniel. He accepts it but his classmate starts to message him. The things he was messaging him were not very nice but Josh took no notice at first.
  • Incoming Message from Daniel893
  • Josh carried on playing his game when he gets another friend request. He knows that this is one of Daniels friends and so he didnt accept him. Then, Daniel starts to threaten him to accept the friend reuqest or something bad will happen.
  • When he accepts the friend request off of the other boy, he begins to state mean things towards Josh. Josh then begins to become upset due to the comments they are making.
  • haha! you are so ugly!
  • your hair is so horrible and your not even clever so why do you go to school?
  • Josh should go and tell a trusted adult due to this being CYBERBULLYING.
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