English Chapter 5
Updated: 2/13/2020
English Chapter 5

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  • We should have never let the Fury come to dinner. Some people and their determination to get ahead.
  • Discipline
  • Efficiency
  • Bruno my boy, I was just coming to see how you were.
  • Hello Father. Can we please go home?
  • Mother, Maria the maid and Buno were the last ones to leave their empty house. They took a moment to remember all of the best memories they had shared in their home, locked the door and left.
  • Well, we are home, Bruno. Out-With is our new home.
  • I want to go back to Berlin. This is not a home.
  • As Bruno peered over the banister, he saw the door to Father's office standing open and four men outside. They were laughing, shaking hands, getting excited and loud so Father had to raise his hand to stop them from talking. This showed how powerful he was.
  • Ha ha
  • Did you do something wrong? Something that made the Fury angry?
  • Bruno knocked on his fathers office door and asked to come in. Bruno hadn't seen his father for a few days as he had arrived in Out-With earlier to get started with his very important work.
  • Hmmmm. Bruno you forgot something
  • Hail Hitler!
  • Bruno was very disappointed that Father suggested that Out-With was their home. He knew that it wasn't. They dissagreed many times about how bad things were and his father was trying to be very optimistic. Bruno wished that Father would agree with him - just this once.
  • Bruno thought that Father must have done something wrong as the fury would hardly send him to a place like this if he hadn't done something that he wanted to punish him for. When father laughed Bruno got even angrier. 
  • Father explained to Bruno that when he was a young boy, if he shared an opinion his father would tell him to be quiet. As Bruno excepted his defeat and his father sent him to his bedroom, Bruno forgot to do something. Hail Hitler!