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James and the Golden Fleece
Updated: 9/17/2018
James and the Golden Fleece
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  • Jason of Iolcus was a strong and handsome man. Jason's father had asked him to go confront his uncle , for he feared that his brother Pelias who took the thrown, might harm their heir. On his way to the kingdom, Jason encounter goddess Hera who will be his companion and helper throughout the journey.
  • When Jason arrived at the kingdom and confronted the king, they settled an agreement. Jason had to go and take the golden fleece which was located in the kingdom of Colchis. If he compleed this task, the throne would be his but King Pelias new Jason would not make it out alive.
  • Jason asked from timber and men to build a ship and he was granted that. He built the Argo. The gods were in a good mood so they caused things that helped out the ship. Some men were lost throughout the journey. They came across a king who they helped and in return he guided them to King Colchis.
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