Storyboard Abraham
Updated: 6/5/2020
Storyboard Abraham
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  • God spoke to Abraham 
  • Abraham you must sacrifice your son Isaac instead of a lamb to show your faith in me. 
  • I shall do what you say God.
  • Abraham takes Isaac,two servants and a donkey to the land of Moriah
  • We must go to the land of Moriah where God will lead us to the certain mountain.
  • Father we have the wood for the fire but where is the lamb to be sacrificed.
  • Abraham, Isaac, the two servants and the donkey arrive at the land of Moriah 
  • My servants you must stay here until I return.
  • God shall provide.
  • God appeared and spoke to Abraham, to test his faith in God. God told Abraham to take his son to the land of Moriah, where God will show him to a certain moutain and he would start a fire and sacrifice his son. 
  • Abraham sacrifices his son to God
  • The next day Abraham took his son, Isaac, two servants and a donkey and went off to the land of Moriah. When they arrived in the land of Moriah, God showed them the specific mountain.
  • An Angel speaks to Abraham
  • When Abraham , his son Isaac, the two servants and the donkey arrived at the certain mountain. Abraham sharpened a knife, grabbed a flaming torch and told the two servants to stay with the donkey as his son and him were going to pray and make a sacrifice to God.
  • Abraham and his son are blessed
  • Thank you.
  • Once Isaac brought the wood to Abraham, Abraham got the fire ready and laid his son tied up on top of the fire. As Abraham got ready to plunge a knife in his son's chest the angel appeared. The angel said " Abraham stop, as you have shown your faith."
  • I'm sorry son.
  • Abraham stop! You have proved your love to God by thy willingness to sacrifice your child.
  • As Abraham untied his son he spotted a lamb in a bush. Abraham then got up and grabbed the lamb, tied up and sacrificed it, instead of his beloved son Isaac.
  • Because you have done this for thy love of God, you have been blessed, and your son, and your son's sons shall be blessed.
  • As the lamb was being sacrificed the angel gave a blessing to Abraham, and his son, and his son's sons to come. Once the blessing was over the angel disappeared and everyone went back to Beersheba. 
  • And your sons to come shall be as many in number as the stars in the sky.
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