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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Lizzy Singleton
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  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • I do not believe Andrew Jackson should be on the twenty dollar bill.
  • Andrew Jackson shouldn´t be on the $20 bill because he used the common people to win the election.
  • Don´t care.
  • He also gave inexperienced people government jobs just because they supported him
  • I must have Alzheimer because I don remember asking.
  • We can´t forget about how he kicked the Cherokee tribe out of their home and went behind the supreme courts back to do it.
  • I hope you get the Corona Virus.l Maybe then you´ll leave me alone.
  • Even during his presidency he used the States to get what he wanted then disobeyed there wishes if he didn´t want to do it.
  • k.
  • He hated the rich and made state banks. These state banks gave loans to common people.
  • He used his personal relations and opinions to destroy the nations bank.
  • Because they were giving loans to everyone they didn´t have enough cash.
  • His solution was to print more money but with time this just ruined the worth of money
  • Is it over???