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Updated: 5/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • War of 1812
  • Causes of the war
  • War in the East
  • They faced a major problem on high sea. The British Navy activiley protected the American merchants ships across the altantic ocean.
  • War in the West
  • Americans where fighting for independents and Britian would play in the future affairs of the united states of America.
  • War in the south
  • The British burned the Capital building and the White house, and a collection of other buildings.
  • Effects of the war
  • The British Navy had far more ships than the Americans, most were involved in British's full-scale against france back in Europe.
  • The American forces seized the city of New Orleans and reasserted their control over the 800,000 square mile tract of land known as louisiana territory that had been purchase in 1803.But 2 weeks before the battle of New Orleans a peace treaty was signed in Ghent, Belgium.
  • The largest impact the war had on the United States was the boost it gave to the country's manufacturing production.